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You wanna hear something funny?

These days, I'm introduced as the "OG of habit tracking."

Here's why: [Cue the trippy time-travel music.]

In October 2010, The Habit Factor® was published. It was the world's first book (and app) to teach a unique process of creating and aligning HABITS to achieve GOALS. 

NOBODY was teaching this at the time. ANYWHERE.

Not The Power of Habit. Not Atomic Habits. Not Tiny Habits.

Those books followed years later, in some cases, nearly a DECADE.

After The Habit Factor's publication, what followed was surprising:

An invitation to speak at TEDx in the United Arab Emirates.

Then, a number of publications, ALL without solicitation, began to share these ideas: New York Times, Lifehacker, CNet, and Mashable, not to mention the hundreds of blog posts that wrote about these concepts.

Fast-forward to TODAY, and there are over a hundred other habit apps and books espousing these very principles.

Here's why: The Habit Factor introduced a BETTER method for goal achievement.

What does all this mean for YOU?

You get to leverage my expertise in this space, nearly 20 years of coaching, teaching, and training on the subjects of habits and goals, and how to put this into practice immediately.

Few things are as important as MASTERING your HABITS.

THIS program is NOT offered anywhere else.

This is my introductory offer, and it's priced as a GUMROAD exclusive.

That's it, my friend. Yes, it's 100% GUARANTEED.


Get after it, and keep on trackin'!


Habits: Get Unstuck! Plus Habit Mastery (New, Exclusive Starter-Pack)

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