Habits: Get Unstuck! Plus Habit Mastery (New, Exclusive Starter-Pack)

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"I'm just not disciplined enough!"

Or, "I know what I need to do and just don't seem to do it."

Sound familiar?

For over a decade, I've trained, coached, and taught habit development to PROFESSIONAL coaches (behavior change professionals) and executive trainers all over the world.

Today, numerous scientific studies validate the methods I published over a decade ago.

My mission isn't just to help professionals in behavior change understand habits better.

It's to help EVERYONE who's trying to create better habits and achieve their most important goals.

There's immense satisfaction in helping people like YOU. (Story below).

People who feel "STUCK."

Chances are you may feel frustrated or like you're "spinning your wheels."

You may even feel depressed.

Does it feel like another year or three have just flown by and you aren't...


Please listen: I know ALL of these symptoms all too well.

It's actually why I've created this course, and it's why The Habit Factor® exists.

Because I couldn't achieve my own goals.

Because I was so frustrated and confused.

Particularly after spending thousands on personal development programs.

I followed every "best practice," like S.M.A.R.T. goals, and still seemed to get NOWHERE.

Just ask Adrian (see full story/email below)

Adrian was in and out of the hospital over a period of months with serious depression.

He even attempted suicide.

Understandably, that's NOT a story he wanted to share.

After he wrote to me about achieving his "breakthrough goal," I had to ask about his backstory.

Those are his words, by the way: "breakthrough goal!" (his inspirational follow-up email is below)

I don't share this to impress you.

I share it to impress upon you that THIS METHOD WORKS!

In fact, it works so well that PROFESSIONALS who are paid to help OTHER people change their habits pay me to teach them THIS method.

(That may be worth reading again. ; )

That's it, my friend.

I know this method WILL work for you when you put it into practice!

YES! This is 100% money-back guaranteed!

I hope you give this course and method a try.

It's likely to save you years of time and perhaps thousands of dollars!




Adrian's actual, follow-up email to me on 1/10/12 (copy/paste)

I've gotten into the habit of not telling my backstory for fear that is off putting to some people...but to help you understand the contrast:

2010 was a year in which I had a complete mental break down and as a result of a suicide attempt, I spent 4-5 months in and out of the hospital. I lost a lot of weight--my relationships,  home, career and reputation were turned upside down.

By all means, please share the picture...my new purpose is to be a shining example of God's love throughout the world.  I welcome anyway that can I can be of help or inspiration. But yeah, it's probably best to omit my last name.

Thanks again,

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Habits: Get Unstuck! Plus Habit Mastery (New, Exclusive Starter-Pack)

3 ratings